How to Make Money with Flipkart Affiliate Program

In india online shoping is increasing day by day and Flipkart is one of the largest shoping company who are playing in this field. 

In todays post I am going show you the most profitable ways to make money with Flipkart. 

1. Make Money With App Install

2. Start promoting flipkarts products. 

Before I show you how to make money with flipkart here is my personal checklist to show you how I get it done. Don't forget to subscribe on my blog. 

Make Money With App Install

First get letest version of  Flipkart app and install it on your Iphone or android.

The logic is simple one of your friend install flipkart app and you paid for the install. 

To get paid you've to signup for flipkart affiliate. So, lets start creating one:

First head over to this link and signup for the program. For creating one you need
  • Pan card details.
  • Bank account details.
After signup you've to confirm details.
Now login using username & password. 
First you have to setup payment mode and others details. There is two types payment one is EFT and  other is Gift Voucher. 

EFT Payment mode: If you want to make money then this option is best for you but main problem is you get payment when you have atleast 1000rs. in your account. When you reach threshold limit then you can request for payment.

Note: I always try to make money with flipkart affiliate by choosing Eft payment mode. However you cannot make money  by just installing flipkart app the second method shown in below to make some handsome cash with flipkart.

Flipkart Vouchers: This is means when you make 100rs you can redeem a gift voucher and shop with it. 

 Flipkart  is a huge online store and you get varity product to recommend.

Promote Products from Flipkart

There are many ways to make money online and the most profitable way to starting a blog. 

Even without a blog you can earn by promoting other products on facebook pinterest and instagram. 

The basic method is creating an facebook deal page with engaging friends and start posting on facebook page. You can do the same with whatsapp group. 

Before you refer others convert normal links to affiliate links. (See more details on flipkart affiliate page).