What is Bounce rate (and How to Reduce it? )

Does really bounce rate matters?

As a blogger I always recommend beginners to measure their goal and google analytics is one of the best free analysis tool avaible out there.

Though it has some drawbacks but as a beginner it always fits you.

Back to the post, I assume you already setup google analytics account on your blog and your bounce rate are high (and you want to decrease it).

What is Bounce rate ?

Bounce rate is a metrics of Google analytics tool.

Bounce rate count as someone landed on your blog from social media or organic search and didn't perform any further action on your blog,It is considered as a 100% bounce (rate) from your blog though they are enjoyed your content and stayed for very long time on the same page.

There is a little bug on Google analytics that is why google tracking code didn't catch the visitors avg. time on the page when user not performing any action on the page but stayed for very long time. Here is a guide help you to fix this issue by using simple code snippets on your blog.

What is considered as high bounce rate ?

I always eager to know what is considered as a high bounce rate because there are many niches you can think of. It varies from niche to niche.

For example, you share beautiful images on your blog (Its fine). I think as a reader when I land on your blog and found my images then I stop browsing and send it to my family, friends and co-workers.

Result: your bounce rate will be high.What do you think ?

As a genarale rule of thumb, anything above 60% consider as a high bounce rate and if your bounce rate below 40% you are doing great

Bounce rate: 7 Elements to Reduce it

There are 7 elements on your blog to reduce bounce rate and many of you ignoring them.

1.Blog Design

When a reader land on your blog, the first thing they see your blog design.

After feeling the look they try to find the content (that is why they came to your blog) and if they are finding it hard then your readership on the risk. Maybe you're using too many ads on your blog.

Always try to put your important elements above-the-fold that is your article , call-to-action buttons etc. And you should not ignore tip 2.

2. Site loading time:

Google prefer quick loading sites with high quality contents. So having a quick loading site gives you an advantage over your competitors.

Here are some points should taken care of:

  • Avoid render-blocking CSS and JavaScript using above the fold.

  • Minify CSS and Javascript.

  • Optimize images give them width and height manually.

  • Leverage browser caching.

  • Use jump-break on blogger platform.

3. Content Marketing Secret

You may heard this phrase "Content is king" . Well yes! Quality content makes your blog surely but without an entertaining , conversational content how do you standout from the crowded internet ?

Producing engaging, entertaining content is hard and content marketing experts also believes that.

Neil patel from quicksprout always tell how content marketing changed his lives and it is a long term strategy that you should follow.

When producing content for your blog keep in mind that:

  • Make introduction sticky.

  • Give value throughout the post.

  • Summerise the post with conclusion.

Make inroduction Sticky

First you write an article that helps your readers by solving their problem. Then you sit back and thought readers will come to solve their problem.

Well they don't read the full article if it is not engaging. So make sure they read your post till end.

The best way to do it make introduction sticky.

Brian dean from backlinko created a video where he shows how to make readers stick to your blog. The APP formula.

What is the APP formula ?

Here's the deal:

  • Agree with your readers.

  • Promise what they get from your post.

  • Preview how you're going to help them.

Internal Linking:

There are two benefits of using internal linking:

  1. Reduce bounce rate.

  2. Help to discover other pages.

  3. Gives backlink to other pages.

But, why readers clicks on Internal links?

First, maybe they want to know more about the topic or they are so much impressed with your topic that make them click on other links.

Always remember to open new links in new tab, it's not only help you to reduce bounce rate also keep the reader in your current page (maybe they are still reading).

Site Navigation

Did you ever seen the adsense widget that placed after your navigation menu ?

Sure you have seen it.

How fraustating is this when you click on the links and landed on advertiser page?

You probably closed that tab. Your readers also do the same and never come back to your blog.

A clear navigation menu help your readers to find related pages on your blog.

Add these widgets to reduce bounce seriously

Popular bloggers like Neil Patel, Adam Conell, Robbie Richards placed popular guides on their sidebar area, footer area to get more eyeballs on it.

Popular post widget: This widget helps your readers to findout what is popular on your blog right now!

Ultimate Guides: I get this idea from Neil Patel from Quicksprout how beautifully he crafted the ultimate guide list for beginners and advance bloggers.

Related post widget: Hope you already noticed some blogs that has a beautifull related post section after the post area.


The best way to reduce bounce rate are:

  1. Simple, elegant design.

  2. Loading speed of your blog.

  3. Quality content matters!

  4. APP method

  5. Make introduction sticky.

  6. Clear navigation

  7. Widgets play important role.

Give value to your reader and in return they will follow you.

Let me know, what is the bounce rate of your blog ? Did you applied any of the techniques before ?