Blogger Vs. Wordpress: Which one is Best Platform

Are you want to start your own blog ?

Yes. :) 

Then this guide help you to choose which blogging platform you should use.

There is many CMS platform to choose but wordpress and blogger are the most recommended platform. 

Blogger is created by pyar lab and leter google buy it from them.

Today you are going to learn which platform you should choose Blogger or .

Please note that and are not same as you think .

So lets get started.....

Why Blogger is Better than WordPress ?

As a blogger, I recommend Blogger for beginner. Most of you do not want to spend money in the beginning. After two or three years you can move on to the other platforms like WordPress (Paid) self hosted blog.

Important: Please note that this post is about Blogger Vs. , not

1. Blogger is Totally FREE:

In this world there are no person Who don't want anything FREE!. Blogger offer Unlimited Hosting, Unlimited BandWidth and  free sub-domains. However you can buy a domain as low as $9.99 per year to get a  proffesional look.
In wordPress self hosted blog you have to pay $100 per year just for a hosting space and dmain name.

2. SetUp Process:

Blogger is like One-click WordPress Install. Just Signup with your Gmail Account and setup the  blog name and blog address url. You can letter add the custom domain name from setting. All basic settings are ste by default and you can start posting in 57sec. 

On the other hand WordPress is also easy to install on server. But it has huge setup process and confusing  setting without any guide its like an impossible work for new bloggers. A wrong setting make your blog disapper from search engine.

3. Easy to Customize:

After the setup process you maybe want to customize your blog. If you have basic knowledge in HTML and CSS then it is not hardpart in blogger blog. It is very simple to customize each and every part. There is A huge free and Premium templates you can choose them.

In WordPress also  have a number of templates but don't go for Free template as they are not totally free. If you decide to go for Self hosted blogs then Genesis is theme framework is highly recommended.

4. SEO Optimization: 

Blogger is owned by Google and What is Optimize better than Google. You could say, Blogger is born SEO optimized. You don't need to install plugin other than modify some advance setting. Any blogger blog is index faster than wordpress blogs. 
On WordPress, you have to Install some plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast etc.and optimize it.

5. Security:

Blogger is hosted on  Cloud,  hand of google. You don't have any access to the database or Server. A blogger blog is hacked by one condition if your Gmail account hacked. You can avoid it, with 2 Step-authentication.

On WordPress self hosted blogs are highly vulnerable. A small loophole on your server can do a big damage to your years of hard work.

6. Free Spam Control:

WordPress user have to install spam control plugins like askimet. But in Blogger has inbuilt spam controller which one is very powerful.


Although I am a fan of WordPress, I must say that Blogger has many advantages over WordPress which makes it still one of the best Blogging platform at least for newbie bloggers.

We hope this WordPress Vs. Blogger- Which one is better. I think now you decide which you choose.

What Do you Think ? 

 Let me know, which platform you are going to choose for Blogging . Are you using any other platform for blogging?