Add Google Analytics on Blogspot Blog and Measure Your Success

So you've started a blogger blog and write a bunch of awesome post, now want to measure your success with google analytics.

Today I am going to show you how to add Google analytics on blogspot blog.

What You'll learn :

  • How to add Google analytics on blogger

  • What to Measure on your blog

Lets started..

How to Add Google Analytics Code on Blogger

When adding GA (aka Google Analytics) to your blogspot blog you need two things:

  • Google Analytics account.

  • Access to your blogs source code area.

Goto Google Analytics and create your account.

[[Ga scrshot]]

Fill up the form and get the tracking code.


Now you've to copy the snippets found on the tracking page.

Step #2:

Now you have the final tracking code and to measure your blog's metrics paste the snippets on your blog footer area.

  1. Goto and choose Template from left menu.

  2. Click on Edit HTML , a new page open.

  3. Search for </head> and paste the tracking snippets above the </head> section.

There are another method you can use by just using your tracking id which looks like "UA-00000-1".

The biggest dis-advantage that if you're using custom template the tracking Id not included. So the first method is safe.

But here is the code you can add to your custom template </head> section. [[Code here]]

Step #1: Goto blogger and head over to Setting from left menu.

Step #2: From the dropdown menu click on "others" and a new page will open.

Step #3: Find "Google analytics Id" located in the bottom of the page and put your tracking ID there. And save the page.

Now give your blog 7 day, after this you can see your sites each metrics.

What to Measure on your blog ?

There are many advantages of Google analytics you can think of. Event tracking, sales funels, goals.

Event tracking: Basically it is a tracker which track clicks of buttons, images, links.

Funels: Funels are basically step-by-step goals. For example:

  • Subscribe-page >> Check-out page>>Payment-confirm page >> Thank you page.

The main diffrence from single goals you can measure how many visitors are converting/abandoing your site.

Goals: Let me give you an example, think your reader subscribe to your blog and after clicking on confirmation link your readers land on thank you page. So your reader complete a goal.

What to do Next ?

Goto your google analytics account and add it to your blog. Then setup some goals you can start measure now.

Do you need help to set this up? Leave a comment so I can help you.