How To Add Adsense Above Post Title in Blogger

As a blogger you must heard the term adsense. Out of 200 advertising programs  adesnse is far most polular for bloggers and as well as advertisers.

Today i am going to show you the 3 simple step process to adding adsense below post title, in the post footer and anywhere inside the post (using simple javascript which don't effect pagespeed).

Before I start, I want to tell you that if you have big traffic (in millions) then you can use adsense. But if you have traffic below 50k I suggest don't use adsense rather than use affiliate marketing, selling ad space with buysellads, e-books, consultancy services.

Placing adsense everywhere is not going to make you money. Every niche has their readers, buyers and not everyone clicking on your ad so don't try this types of niches as they don't make you money .  (Note: In my blog there is no adsense ad because I give you more priority than money.)

1. Add Adsense below Post title

There is simple 3 step process to adding ads below title.

1. Goto --->>Click on template from the left menu.

2. Click on Edit HTML and search for

3. Paste below code just below the section. ( Even I'm also published a blogger template which makes this step very easy. You can download it here and best part it is super responsive and adsense optimized)

2. Adding adsense below post footer

This is also same process.

1.> Template --> Edit Html.
2. Search for

3. Paste below code just above it.

Now You have succesfully added adsense add code below post title and above post footer.

Customization: Now we are going to start making the ad beautiful.

Before anything, change the <!--Adsense Code--> code with your own adsense code.

Here is the custom stylesheet I use for my blogs:

#adsense-code{height:auto; background: ; outline:none; margin-top:10px;margin-bottom:10px;}

3. Add adsense anywhere in the post

Post body  is the highest CTR generated  area and can increase income seriously.

Recently I am created a simple javascript plugin which let you add adsense anywhere inside compose mode without going into html mode.

Let me know what is your next plan after adding adsense code? Do you want to increase adsense Ctr or Want to increase traffic ?